1. Location – Location determines your backgrounds, lighting, and overall tone of the photo shoot. Your output will be of greater quality if you are in an excellent location.

Ken Millie Arun Hegden Photography
Light conditions at 1:45pm in Kashmir in winter

2. Outfits decisions before the shoot – To determine whether the couple’s outfits coordinate properly, it is preferable to have a fitting picture of them wearing them together. Additionally, it must enhance the location of the shoot.

Himanshu Ria Arun Hegden Photography
Outfit colors popping out in the environment
3. Utilize the sunrise and sunset light – The best lighting conditions and most beautiful results can be obtained by photographing during the golden hours. This is among the most crucial elements of a well composed shot.
Ken Millie Arun Hegden Photography
We shot this around 8am at first light
4. Use shades in case of harsh sunlight/lighting conditions – Using a tree or a building’s shade when posing will help you avoid closing your eyes and prevent harsh shadows from appearing below your eyes.
Ken Millie Arun Hegden Photography
We made the decision to move to the shade of the mountains for some gentle diffused light because the area was bathed in glaring sunlight.
5. Keep hydrating and carry snacks/chocolates- Shoots can be exhausting, so you may need to take brief energy and drink breaks to stay refreshed.
6. Attention to posing – Posing while holding hands etc. with your spouse might be an excellent terrific method to get excellent photos. It can help bring out a lot of hidden potential in a shot and take away the attention from any distracting elements in the composition.
Ken Millie Arun Hegden Photography
The poses were getting a little monotonous, we decided to engage the hands and the results were marvelous.
7. Do not forget to have fun – Enjoy the photography process, have fun when posing for shots, and the results will be excellent.