NFT Journey

I joined the NFT space in June 2021.

Humans and Gods

My first collection Humans and Gods was sold out on Opensea. In this collection, from places around the world, I tried to showcase the relationship between humans, their beliefs and God. 10 1/1 photos

Humans and Gods by Arun Hegden
The Veil Of Eminence by Arun Hegden

The Veil Of Eminence

My second collection The Veil Of Eminence is a set of seven 1/1 photographs of Key Monastery which is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Himachal Pradesh, India captured over the span of 7 years from 2016-2022. I have tried to showcase the monastery in different angles, different seasons, different lighting conditions, using different sky elements which is the challenge for a photographer while shooting the same subject.

Currently 5 available

Nirvana under a million stars Editions

The first Edition 20/20 I minted at 0.033 ETH was SOLD OUT within 24 hours of the launch and secondary sales has found it way with a floor at 0.099 ETH currently. I tried to create a photograph of the buddha statue with the milky way core aligned in the background on a cold night in the buddhist village of Langza in the Himalayas at 14,500+ ft.

Nirvana under a million stars Editions by Arun Hegden

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