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I am a small town guy from the Southernmost state Kerala in India. I’ve always had a thing for art from young age. In the journey from drawing animals as kid to becoming an Aerospace Engineer, I lost the touch to my inner artist. But there is a saying “You can’t find what was never lost” and so thy happened when I found my lost soul in the camera. It started of with camera phone, which made me look at the world in a different way. I started painting my vision with the light and got appreciated and encouraged. This is when i decided to take it a level up with the digital camera in 2012. I started exploring and uncovering the hidden beauty in lines, shapes, curves and different emotions through my lens.

My curiosity took me to different places across the globe over an year. I met many people, explored nature on bike trips and captured over 5,00,000 pictures, which made me realise that I am not meant for a regular job and I quit my job to find my light and follow my passion.


Is to explore the unexplored and present it through my lens in front of the world.


To inspire people to do things that give happiness, to experience, to travel and want to share my stories and build something better in the world. I found my ikigai in photography. I am excited to meet you. Are you?

My Style & Achievements

I shoot portraits, fashion, landscapes, nightscapes, festivals, creative portraits, boudoir, travel and wedding photography. My style is finding visual harmony to create connection with the audience using elements of photography such as lines, shapes, curves, colors, patterns, emotions etc. My works has been chosen for various exhibitions including CWC, Owl Tree, Andaz Agra, NFT Liverpool, The Prologue, Utopian Dystopia etc to name a few.

And online publications like NATGeo traveler, outlook traveler, Sonyalphain, StreetphotographyIndia etc. and print publications such as Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express, Via Kochi Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. I have won awards including best of sigma 2019 photograph, Sony Alpha community low light winner 2019, Top 100 in 35 awards to name a few.

My style
My style
My style